We believe that, at the beginning of all time, God created the heavens and the earth.

We believe in a God who loves us and wants to be in a really close relationship with us – both now (in this life) and for eternity (life everlasting). But…


We believe that Mankind has always wanted to do things their own way and so has chosen to walk away from the love and care of God. We call this “sin” – and it has separated us from God’s love – not just for now…but for eternity!


We believe that God was not willing to lose us and so became flesh – just like us – in the form of Jesus Christ. He lived for us, taught us, died for us on the Cross, and rose again. When He did this He took our sins upon Himself – and so paid for our rebellion against God.


We believe that ALL who accept Jesus’ substitutionary death (that is “He died in our place”), and believe God brought Jesus back to life, and call Jesus their Lord, receive His free gift of everlasting life – in Heaven! This is “Good News” (called “The Gospel”)


We believe that all who follow Jesus are given the Holy Spirit to be in them and with them and guide them and help them – forever! This Holy Spirit is “God in us”.

Now, let us make this clear. We believe in ONE God – but we see Him manifest Himself in THREE persons – as Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit.


God has always wanted us to know Him and be happy with Him. One day all Christians will literally be with Him forever – in the new heavens and the new earth.

But, for now, we believe that we can know all about Him (who He is, what He has done, and what is going to happen in the future) and how we should live our lives, through the Bible. This is a collection of books written over many centuries by men and women who God spoke to – and so inspired them in their writings to put down what He wanted us to know.

As we believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God we believe everything that it says.

We also know Him by His Holy Spirit who lives in us – and who speaks to us and convicts our hearts and minds as to what is right and good.


So, we try to live as the Bible teaches us to live. We believe that when we do this we are His disciples (which means “followers”).

We are not perfect and still get many things wrong. But, we believe that when we realise this and are truly sorry (which means not doing it again – we call it “repent”) then, out of His great love for us, he forgives us.


We believe that “church” is not a building but the people of God (“disciples” or “Christians”) who meet there.

We believe it is good to meet together – to be in close relationship with each other, to care for each other, to share things together – like family, to learn more about God together, to pray together (that means talking to God – or better still – listening to God), and to thank God together for all He has done for us (we call this “worship”).

We believe that it is right to always remember the great sacrifice that Jesus made for us and so we have a “ritual” (or “sacrament”) of taking communion together each week.

We also believe that it is important to make a public commitment of our “new life” in Jesus by being “baptised” by fully immersing ourselves in water (this is our second “sacrament”).


We believe that God loves everyone and wants ALL to come to know Him. So, we believe it important to tell as many people as possible about the love of God and how they need to put their trust in Jesus and so receive forgiveness for their rebellion against God.

But, we also believe that we should show God’s love and care to all people – whether or not they believe in Him – through kindness, help, community service and prayer.


We’re just human and we understand some things in different ways and we like to thank God in different ways too. That’s why there are different churches around. We believe it is right and good to value the way they worship – and join with them too on many occasions.