Lord Why Must I Suffer?

I prayed to the Lord for my troubles to cease,

But instead of departing they seemed to increase.

Each day found new problems I’d not seen before,

And so my depression just grew more & more.

I begged & I pleaded, “Lord please let me die!

If you can’t ease my pain at least tell me why?”

The Lord said, “My dear child, I love you so much!

And could have erased all those tears with one touch.

But I wanted to teach you to cling to my hand,

And trust me for things you cannot understand.

I wanted to show you that when things go wrong,

My strength in your weakness will help you grow strong.

You’ve suffered because you were chosen to be,

A light for the lost & a witness for me.

As you travel the pathway I’ve laid out for you,

You will meet many hearts that are suffering too.

And because you have been there & know what they feel,

You can show them my love & can help them to heal.”

It was then that I wept as I fell on my knees,

And gave thanks to God for not granting my pleas.

For had I not suffered & felt such despair,

How could I have known the extent of his care?

Oh, Lord make me worthy to share your great love,

And help hurting souls reach your heaven above.