ACC Covid Step 4 Rules from 19 July 2021

We are delighted to welcome you to worship in ACC.
However, you must not enter the ACC building if:
(a) you have Covid symptoms,
or (b) you have been in close contact with a possible Covid case,
or (c) you have tested positive for Covid,
or (d) you have been told to isolate by Test & Trace, or by the Covid App, or following travel.

In the main and kitchen hall:
(a) face coverings are optional, but are recommended,
(b) you may mix closely,
(c) you may sing.

The rear hall is a Covid-cautious zone in which:
(a) you must wear face coverings,
(b) you must maintain social distance,
(c) you must not sing.

Please show respect for those who wish or need to be cautious.
The church will provide bread and wine for communion in the main hall, and will serve drinks and biscuits at the end of the service.
If you are being Covid-cautious and using the rear hall, please bring your own bread and wine. You can enter the rear hall via the side porch and kitchen hall if you wish to avoid everyone in the main hall.
The kitchen hall will have some toys and activities for children, but there will be no Sunday Club.