Trustees’ Meeting Tuesday 13th June 2023

Ashford Community Church


1)                    Open in Prayer

2)                    Appoint Chair and Secretary for the meeting

3)                    Those Present and Apologies

4)                    Declare any potential conflicts of Interest

5)                    Minutes of meeting 21st February 2023

6)                    Matters arising

7)                    Confirm Trustees’ appointments,  –

appointment of Brian Carter, Priya Mouncher and Susanne Trokhymenko

8)                    Peter Hobbs – Line managers’ review, sabbatical             

Peter and Jim join us.

9)                    Trustees’ Training – anything from Charity Commission Webinar?

Future training sources

10)                 Treasury team

11)                 Input to Family Forum Sunday June 25th.

12)                 Approve ‘Conflict of Interest’, ‘Management of Volunteers’ and Grant Making Policies.

13)                 Finance Review

14)                 Buildings – outstanding essential work.

15)                 Review with Elders                    

16)                 Trustees to lead on GDPR and Safeguarding

17)                 Date for next Meeting

18)                 Close in Prayer