French officials’ plans to crack down on Muslim extremism have targeted Protestants too

Prayers Needed… 

Officially named “the Law to Uphold Republican Principles,” the 459-page bill has been the subject of fierce debate this month

The Free Will Baptists of France highlighted five aspects of the proposed bill:

  • Churches will have to reregister every five years.
  • Officials will monitor sermons for hate speech.
  • Homeschooling will not be permitted for religious reasons.
  • Declarations of foreign funding will include missionary staff.
  • Religious leaders cannot be educated outside of France.

The following article has been written by Emilie Gibson.

 Little backdrop: For a few years, the French government has been considering how to clamp down on extremism in this country, specifically Islamic extremism.  There have been steps made toward addressing this issue. Imagine our surprise when we were made aware by news sources that Evangelicals are now being scrutinized in the same way by the French government officials, just a few weeks ago.  The Interior Minister stated recently that Evangelicals are as dangerous as Islamic extremists, and were ‘un problème très important’ (a very important problem) and a threat to the republic.  This perception has apparently been linked to what was seen around the world on Jan. 6th in Washington DC, which the French government is interpreting as an Evangelical insurgency. 

 What is being rebutted and will be decided on in the near future in the government chambers is how much the State may soon be able (or not) to supervise and make judgements on Evangelical churches, pastors and workers. Proposals are being pushed toward regular checks on churches to assure that what is being taught and preached aligns with the ‘laique’ or secularist values of France.  This includes their online content.  Churches could be closed immediately if they are assumed to be teaching ‘wrong’ values.  This would include gender issues, homosexuality, anti-abortion, etc.  This is very concerning.  Churches are bracing themselves and praying against what appears to be a big over-reach by the government; some churches have already taken their sermons and teaching offline.  There is fear that US missionaries may not be given visas or visa renewals if they are linked to Evangelical US missions especially as they are funded through the US. A stated concern by French officials is that money coming in as funding from other countries gives power and influence to forces from the outside, (called ‘soft power’ by the media and politicians), just as they see is the case with Islamic extremism.

 Protestant leaders across France are uniting in an effort to voice our concerns. The 3 largest French Protestant associations and recognized Protestant leaders are currently in discussion with top Macron government officials.

 Please pray for the overturning of this parliamentary bill against Evangelicals.  Let’s make it a top prayer concern, for the sake of His church here in France and around the world.

 We will be following this debate and the decisions made, likely to be publicized in the next 2 weeks.

 Thank you so much for praying !!!  We’ll keep you posted.

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